"I discovered stem cell because of the pain I was in. I could not walk and was in pain around the clock. I had to try something. I was taking pain pills every 4 hours. 

Since stem cell therapy, I haven't taken pain pills 5 weeks and I feel great. All my pain is gone. It worth sitting in a class to learn the different options!"


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"Before I researched stem cell therapy, I thought I would have to do 2 knee replacement surgeries. I was terrified to have surgery. While researching stem cell, I found Markson Chiropractic and came to a seminar. The data presented convinced me this could be a viable option for me. 

Since getting stem cell therapy at Markson, I feel better every day and can do things I couldn't do before. I'm also looking forward to my continued progress."

- Sylvia M.

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I have always been an active person who uses the gym as both a stress relief and a way to improve my athletic performance. Therefore, one of my worst fears was for any type of injury that would take me away from this physical release. Two years ago I developed an acute case of tennis elbow and, no matter what I tried (physical therapy, acupuncture, rest), the injury would not heal. Luckily, I was introduced to stem cell therapy at Markson Chiropractic. I got a series of injections into my elbow. To my amazement, my elbow improved dramatically and over the course of a few months, I was able to work out with weights and play tennis with little to no issue. The overall experience I had with Markson Chiropractic could not have been any better. From the patience in discussing various options, to the injections and the follow up care, the team treated me like family. For anyone with tennis elbow or other similar injuries, you must do yourself a favor and talk to Markson Chiropractic! You will be happy you did."

-Mike T.

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"I have been living with chronic pain due to autoimmune disease for my entire life. Regular prescription drugs hadn't helped, surgeons couldn't help me and I was miserable. When I learned about stem cell therapy through Dr. Hoder, I realized that maybe there was an opportunity to improve my quality of life and decrease my every day, debilitating pain with stem cells. I was cautiously optimistic because I had been told time and time again to just live with my pain but I took the chance and I am so glad that I did. Stem cell therapy has dramatically changed my quality of life and has decreased my every day pain to nothing. I was taking at least 6 ibuprofens a day prior to stem cell therapy, and it has been over 3 months since I have taken any pain reliever or anti-inflammatory medication. I feel like I can live my life for the first time without being concerned about my every move causing me pain. I am able to participate in activities that I had never been able to do in my life, such as running and spinning. I would 100% recommend stem cell therapy to anybody who is living with pain. It has helped reduce the chronic inflammation and pain from my Rheumatoid Arthritis to the point where I take no anti-inflammatories or pain relievers any longer. This, along with regular chiropractic care, has dramatically improved my quality of life and I think that everyone deserves to live and feel the way that I have felt following this incredible therapy."

-Allison J.

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"On January 19, 2018, I was given a Stem Cell Injection for ongoing lower back pain that I had been constantly experiencing for at least the last 25 years. Although I was somewhat skeptical that this would help, I felt that it was the best opportunity to get relief from the constant discomfort. After learning that less than 5% of all back surgeries are successful, I felt that this was the best option available.

After approximately 6-8 weeks post injection, I began to see marked relief in the pain I had been experiencing. As time has passed since this initial 6-8 weeks, I am able to stand for long periods of time and move around with much more confidence that the pain will not be slowing me down.

If I had to put a percentage of relief I have experienced I would put it at 80-85%."

- Jay S.

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